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PVE complete at least 3 areas : Which include Bloomhill Grove, Lorechester Ruins and Whispering Tundra. There will be a total of 18 stages and 18 monster types. A character level will be set at 25 maximum.
PVP non ranking : XTAL will not be distributed in this phase and Arena points will not be given yet. However, players can gain RSC from PVP by X'ord system.
RSC shop : A player can buy various items for in-game purposes which are used to ease the PVE mode and reduce time for farming such as Resurrection Stone, or Full buff Potion. These items mainly help players only in PVE mode and will not interfere with PVP mode. Moreover, these items will not affect XTAL and all items that are related to XTAL in every possible way.
XTAL Box and marketplace : Players can get new weapons for in-game play and prepare for the crafting system in phase 2 from a random weapon box or Xtal box. Xtal Box can be opened with the fixed amount of the RSC in the marketplace. When a player opens a box, he/she will receive a random weapon which has a random type, element, and traits. These weapons will have Xtal team 1st edition as the name of crafter. Xtal boxes will be sold via our company shop. Players can buy them with various cryptocurrency such as USDT. These boxes can be resold in the marketplace, as well as any weapon that players get from an Xtal box. Items in the marketplace are solely sold by players, our company will not manipulate the price or interfere with transactions unless a player makes an illegal conduct. Weapon crafting system : This is the major way to spend RSC in the game. The amount of RSC required for crafting a weapon will be increased cumulatively if a player uses the same weapon to be a model for crafting a new weapon multiple times. More information is shown in the crafting section.
Phase 2 open beta (2022, q3)
Phase 2 open beta
PVE complete all 5 areas : Which include Bloomhill Grove, Lorechester Ruins, Whispering Tundra, Charring Peaks and Forsaken Abyss. There will be a total of 30 stages and 30 monster types. A character level will set at 30 maximum.
PVP ranking mode and tournaments : Players can participate in the arena tournament which is similar to normal PVP. Players still get RSC when they use a X'ord and defeat an opponent. At the end of each Arena season XTAL will be distributed among the top arena rank players. The higher rank player will receive more XTAL than lower rank player. In addition, top 10 arena rank players may receive other in game items such as unique skins or titles. Amount of XTAL for the tournament reward is intensively calculated from the play-to-earn portion of tokens distribution. Numbers of ranks who are rewarded and amount of XTAL received will be varied season to season depending on the economical state of the game.
Mastery system (patch 1.1, 2022,q2): This system allows characters to gain passive skill which is related to each weapon type. Each weapon has 4 types of mastery which include Attacker, Defender, Supporter, and Debuffer. That means there are a total of 20 masteries. However, one character can have one mastery at the time. Although that character has 4 mastery of the weapon he/she equipped, a player can equip only one mastery to that character before entering the combat. Moreover, each mastery has a level to the maximum of level 10. To level up the mastery, a player needs Mastery orbs purchased from the RSC shop. The amount of orbs required per level is varied by level but are the same among each mastery and weapons. The higher level the more orbs are needed.
Skin (patch 2.1, 2022, q4 or sooner) : A player can spend RSC to buy a skin, the price of each skin depends on stylishness and rarity. Skin will be released seasonally which will match the current festival such as Valentines or Christmas.
Pets (patch 2.2, 2023, q1 or sooner) : Pets can be purchased via an RSC shop. A pet can be summoned only one at a time with the limited timespan (1 day, 3 days, or 7 days). When a player summons a pet, it will appear in the combat only in PVE mode. Pets can help players fight monsters by performing their action at the beginning or at the end of each action step. More exotic pets will have better skills and effects.
Pet table (prototype)
Begin combat effect
End combat effect
Lil wolf
Attack an enemy
Lil Ent
Give Regeneration to all allies
Attack an enemy
Lil Valkyrie
Attack the furthest enemy
Lil Griffon
Give Fortune to all allies
Attack the furthest enemy
Lil Yeti
Slow a random enemy
Lil Ice Maiden
Give armor to all allies
Slow all enemy
Lil Imp
Shoot a fireball at random enemy
Lil Dragon
Give Strength to all allies
Shoot fireball to all enemies
Lil Vampire
Heal a random ally
Lil Lich
Apply poison to all enemies
Heal all allies
New pets may be added to the RSC shop occasionally.
Phase 3 Full Launch (2023)
Phase 3 full launch
Tales of Xtalnia will move into the Full Launch phase in 2023. The Full Launch will include important features: Guild, Land system, Guild War, and World Boss.
Guild : Guild is a group of people who join together in one affiliation to do in-game content cooperatively. Guild content can bring much more excitement to the game. The Guild system has 3 major components which are: land system, guild benefits, and guild war.
Land system : To Establish a guild, a player must buy a castle through a land system. There are two types of castle, normal castle and palace. Castles will be sold in the game store before the guild patch is released which the price is set in XTAL. A palace price will be much higher than a normal castle.
Palace : Palace is a unique type of castle. There are only 5 palaces in the whole game, each palace stands in each area of the game. A player who owns a palace does not actually own a guild but will be the leader of the clan of each area which means each castle in that particular area will fight for the glory of the palace owner. The five palace are: Bloomhill Fortress own the Bloomhill Conclave, Lorechester Stronghold own the Lorechester Senate, Whispering Fort own the Whispering League, Charring Citadel own the Charing Legion, Forsaken Keep own the Forsaken Syndicate.
Castle : A player who owns a castle can create guild, guild name, and choose guild members. Players can buy a castle that settles in 5 areas. Each area will have the same amount of castle.
Guild benefits : Both guild leader and guild members will gain a guild buff. This buff will increase damage and critical chance when entering the adventure in that particular area. For example, A member of a guild that has a castle in Bloomhill Grove will gain buff when venture into the Bloomhill Grove stage. This buff increases as the level of guild increases. Which means players who have a guild can farm in their territory more effectively.
Guild Leveling : To increase the guild level, a guild leader or guild members have to deposit the unused weapons into guild armory. Each day, a guild will gain EXP according to the number of weapons that are deposited to the guild. The amount of deposited weapons is limited for each member. Guilds with higher levels also can have more guild members than low level guilds. When guild members want to withdraw a weapon from the guild armory they have to pay fees in RSC. This fee will be distributed 50% to the guild leaders and 50% to the game system.
Guild War : Guild War is another PVP mode, only players who have guild can join this content. Guild war is similar to a normal arena except a player will never match with another player who comes from the same area. A player has to spend a scroll to play this mode which is limited to 3 times a day. A guild will gain points when a guild member enters guild war and gain additional points if that member wins a war. A member who wins the guild war also gains RSC.These points will accumulate with the other guilds that are in the same area which is called clan point. At the end of season the clan that has the highest point out of 5 clans will win the guild war and the clan leader will get the title “Champion of Xtalnia”. Moreover, the winner clan will receive the massive amount of XTAL, which the clan leader will receive 5% then 95% will be distributed to top 50 guilds in the winning clan that contribute the most points. The more rank the guild is, the more XTAL that guild will receive.
World boss (patch 3.1, 2023, q4) : Players who have a guild can participate in the world boss raid. To enter the raid two scrolls are required, a player who enters the raid has to fight a gigantic boss with unlimited health but has only 5 turns to fight with. Players will receive RSC based on damage they dealt to the world boss during the raid. Guid buff is applied in the raid based on the actual level of the guild. The more damage dealt, the more RSC is awarded to a player. Moreover, at the end of season top 50 guilds that dealt the most accumulated damages to the world boss will gain XTAL. The more rank the guild is, the more XTAL that guild will receive, the guild leader will get 50% of the reward then another 50% will be split to guild members equally.